Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two Masses

After a week of being snowed in by the blizzard of 2011 it was good to get out and go somewhere. My husband was scheduled to mc(be master of ceremonies) at the Bishop's mass celebrated the Feast of St. Blaise and the blessing of the throats. or

 However the blizzard decided that this feast day mass was to be celebrated on Sunday. At one point we all planned on going to mass together, but as the weather and luck would have it, we had a forecast today of more snow. Because of this, it was decided that I would take our children to our parish to an earlier mass, while my husband attended to the  bishop. Mass was surprisingly full as many people decided to forgo the  8am mass and go to the later 11am mass.  It was quite nice to see so many friends and "family" after a week of being home.

As my husband continues his vocation and become ordained this June, I realize that there will be occasions that necessitate us going to mass separately. For the most part we try make every attempt to attend mass together, even if dh ends up going to several extra during the course of a weekend, we like to be at the same church together.

Even though I was not with my husband it was soo nice and comforting to see many families lead by strong men at church. Men of faith who make sure their families are there and are not afraid to sit up front, kids and all.  Men who are involved being ushers, active in the men's group, teach Sunday School, are lectors, Eucharistic ministers, teach English to our immigrant families. Men who make sure the organist can get to church and go pick them up when can not get out.  Men who show their families what faith is and lead them to church and to worship. Men who checked on me and my children, asking after Greg where he was and making sure we were all okay with the storm.

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